A Guide to Every Type of Popular Nail Shape

It’s no secret that we’re nail fanatics here at Who What Wear HQ. We’re always investigating the trending polish colors, learning how to grow healthier nails, and even identifying the least-cheesy holiday-themed nail designs. Not to mention our obsession with stalking the best celebrity manicurists online.

One area that always trips us up a little bit, though, is nail shape. It doesn’t sound like a confusing topic, but when it comes to selecting the perfect shape to complement any length, there seem to be some questions. So we took to Instagram, the nailfie mecca, to find out exactly which shapes look best on which lengths. It wasn’t easy, but someone had to do it. Per usual, we volunteered as tribute.

Here, we’ve outlined eight of the most popular nail shapes worn by cool girls everywhere and which ones look best according to length. Scroll through to find which one works for you, and don’t forget to screenshot your faves to bring to your next salon visit.

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