Here Are the Face Oils Other Sephora Shoppers Are Loving ’Cause They’re Slick Like That

If you’re trying to banish problem skin this winter, a bottle of face oil could actually be just the thing you need.

It’s obviously important to restore moisture to dry skin, but what about for people who run oily? It may sound just plain silly to put the same thing on your face that you’re trying to get rid of, but face oils actually can work for all skin types.

If skin is stripped of its natural oils, that can cause it to go into overdrive trying to replace them . . . resulting in even more oil and sebum buildup. Ugh. However, a facial oil can rebalance an oily complexion by keeping the skin hydrated and convincing those oil glands to just chill for a bit.

What’s more, face oils can help foundation go on smoother, provide extra overnight hydration when added to night cream, and even act as a protective barrier for the outer layer of your skin like a shield against that biting wind chill. Sephora shoppers are loving these products . . . and they can’t all have dry skin.

Whether you’d like to try a 100 percent pure argan option or you’re looking to learn more about virgin marula or camellia flower, there’s a face oil on this list for you.

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